Meet Samantha Ann…

Have you ever felt like you had this calling to become a certain someone or do a certain thing with your life? Well for me, that ‘thing’ is being a creator. And more specifically, creating beautiful memories for my clients within their Wedding experience.

I know I was creative from a very young age. I loved to write, draw, paint, make.. you name it. I had a paintbrush in my hand at a very young age thanks to my Grandmother, and an eye for style thanks to my very creative and talented, Mother and Father. I’ve grown into this creative who not only makes pieces such as wood signs and pretty invitations, but I get to create these one of a kind special moments for my clients using my own two hands.

I am so blessed to be able to have my own unique style that I get to share with others in the form of my hand lettering, it truly is a gift! A gift I hope to continue to share for many years to come. If you’d like to learn more about my Journey as a creative you can read more below…

The Journey to

Samantha Ann & Co.

Well my friend if you’ve been following along my journey you know how I somewhat ended up here. But for those new to SA&C, let me break it down real quick! I started this business under the name Krieger Customs in early 2016 where I solely created custom wood signs! From there my love of weddings really blossomed.

I started to create custom wedding wood signs through my Etsy Shop that I opened in 2017 and quickly grew my business to be known for my wedding signs both internationally and locally. I then discovered this need for local brides to access Wedding signage at a more reasonable price, yet still make the pieces custom to fit that certain bride! Wedding rentals was this vision I had that I quickly brought to life through my first collection of rentable wood signs.

From there, my Calligraphy really started to develop and take shape into my own personal style. I knew there were more ways I could share my lettering, so I started doing custom Calligraphy through seating charts and other specific needs. So I knew I really needed to dive into this Wedding industry and give it all I got, there was definitely space for someone like me!


I knew in early 2019 that my business needed to evolve more into a brand and really represent me as an artist and creative. I built my following and client base under Krieger Customs.. but I really wanted my Brand to reflect me too. So Samantha Ann & Co. was born! And boy, I couldn’t of done anything better for me and my business! It’s like I was reborn, and I could really get to creating the work I always knew I was meant to do!

So my friend, thank you for being here and hanging out with me in my little corner of the internet. I hope you can come here feeling inspired and ready to make all of your Wedding dreams come to true!

PS I would love to connect with you on social my friend! Mainly I want to take a peek into your engagement photos.. and the ring!! I must see it all.. So head on over to the ‘gram and send me a tag! You can follow along at @samanthaannco or @samanthabelsey! I can’t wait to become buddies!